Friday 24 May

We meet and socializ  dinner @ 20.00

Saturday 25 May

09.00            Opening of 2019 Swedish EME Meeting

09.05            G4NNS Brian Goonhilly Down using 32m Antenna GH6Y

09.30            RW3BP Sergei  My attempt to build a 5W SSPA 76GHz

10.00            G3LTF Peter     “EME measurements and EMECalc

10.30            Coffebreak   and  personal presentation ~5 min / participant

10.40           SM3BYA Gudmund    9919 crossed dipoles and 10 MW at 233 MHz: EISCAT_3D - the new cutting edge incoherent scatter space research radar system in northern Scandinavia

11.00            HB9BBD Dominique Combining SSPAs for 3 cm

11.30             HB9BBD   NF messurements and noisehead calibration.

12.00            Lunch

13.00            SM6PGP Hannes   " One  dish - several bands and other uses!

13.30            OE5JFL  Hannes     Pulsars – How To Detect      addional info since 2017

14.00            ON7UN Eddy Installing SM4DHN sspas for 23 cm monitoring and Control

14.30            Coffebreak

15.00            ON7UN Eddy  Replacing the SSPA on ON0EME by MRF13750H LDMOS

15.30            WB2BYP John Improved Azimuth motorgear using slewingdrive

16.00            PA7JB John 24GHz EME System

16.30            SM2CEW Peter  " 10GHz CW EME -my trip on a bumpy road into microwave territory"

18.45            Mingle in Bar before Dinner

19.00            Saturday Night dinner   

Sunday 26 May

09.00            UA3AVR Dimitry About using the Cosmic Microwave Background in Noise Figure measurement applications And  Black Hole mm-wave image 2019