How to  get to the conference!


If you arrive @ Arlanda airport the best way would be to take Buss4you or Swebuss from terminal 5 to Örebro   ticket can be bought on buss.

we will pick you up at buss station in Örebro. Just give me a call on cellphone ++ 46705271980  and we will pick you up.

Or if you are 3-5 person rent a car and drive to Örebro.

If you arrive  @ Skavsta (Ryanair)the best would be to rent a car (Hertz) and drive it takes about 2 hours

If you arrives to Vasterås (Ryanair) rent a car (Hertz) its about 1 hour drive

When you drive on the highway  E18 you should take exit 112  and you will se the Scandic west.

If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask me.

Welcome to Örebro 2019 in May