The new project, a dish of 13 m diameter, is under way.

Today, 16 Nov 2007, I received the aluminium profiles. Weight 315 kg.


They are safely stored in the garage. Now it's time to make the jig.


The hub  and the Honda SuperBlackBird CBR1100XX


I am very concentrated. The jig has to be perfect.


I had to build the jig diagonally in the garage. It's getting tight.


I hope to be ready tomorrow.


28 Nov 2007. The parabolic curve is finished. 


17 Dec 2007. My son SM4YEX is checking the parabolic curve.

30 Dec 2007. A new baseline is fixed and the front rib matches the curve. The rear rib is also in the jig.

There will be a breakpoint at 4 m to align the rear rib to the end of the rib.

7 Jan 2008. I'm practicing aluminium MIG-welding, which is difficult and not for amateurs.

23 June 2008. Finally, after a long hold of the construction, I decided to buy a TIG-welder. It works rather smooth but I need some practice.

3 July 2008. I went to a friend and had the parabolic front rib preformed.

The ribs are loaded on the car. I had some problems to see the road.


14 July 2008. The first rib is placed in the jig.



15 July 2008. Today I started welding the rib. I'm not a welder, but after 40 ribs I might be a pro.

16 July 2008. The first rib is completed.

17 July 2008, was a hard working day. Lots of metalwork i.e. cutting all the bracing bits.

23 July 2008. Five ribs are completed.

24 July 2008. I made five ribs which was hard work. Ten made and ten more to go.


28 July 2008. The dish-builder SM4IVE in action.
Rib #14 TIG-welded.

30 July 2008. Finally the twenty ribs are completed. Now it's time to start making the twenty shorter ribs.

1 August 2008, I made the first short rib. I decided to use extra ribs instead of aluminium rings. The short rib is 2.76 m.  

3 August 2008. Another hard working day. I cut all the material for the short ribs

3 August 2008. I welded five ribs.
9 August 2008. EME conference in Florence, Italy.


12 August 2008. I made the rest of the short ribs. All ribs are now made and the jig has been disassembled.

17 August 2008 My Grandson inspecting the first rib in the hub.


24 August 2008 at 15.00 Local started to mount the ribbs in the hub

At 21.15 all the ribbs are in the hub.  Hard work!!!!!!

30 August 2008 Startded to mount the Rim profile


19 October 2008 mounted the 2 rings at 8 m radius that will hold the short ribbs, as seen in picture.It`s not Aligned it`s just there to see what it looks like.....

4 Januari 2009  snow on dish and -19 Celsius no work could be done

10 April 2009  A new picture of the dish

Dismantled the ring on the tower, now we can plan the future mounting of the dish.

10 May 2009   the tower is UP     YEAH

Some of the mesh!!!!!!


15 june 2009
Kjell SM7GVF/4   is helping me cuting mesh. He seems to enjoy.

We had some rain but not more than we could work on the dish.

And we covered 6m in diam, and discused the best solution for minimal of waiste of mesh.

5 july 2009


 NO good working posistion.

8 August 2009
SM4DHN Left and my self right checking the aligment!

Thanks to every one that helped me lifting.
From left :
SM4YEX Erik  my son
Jorgen   my brother
SM5FRH  Tobbe
SM4DHF Goran
SM4DHN  Lars-Bertil
SM4EMO Kenneth
SM5ERW  Tage
Adam  son to my brother
SM4GVR   Arne
And behind camera SM4LMV   Roger

5 Oct 2009
AND NOW THE MESH is in the dish.
some minor adjustments would be done when the dish is up.
Despite the bad weather rain and wind we kept on going.
Thanks Kjell SM7GVF for your valuable help!!!!!!

I had to leave a small hole so i could get out of the dish!

Im on the track!!!!!!!

21 okt 2009  FINALLY after 12 years absence there are a dish in the tower.

More work to be done. now the fun starts!!!!!!!!!

9 Nov 2009   started tigwelding the Alu frame that would hold the feed.

If all goes well the frame would be finished tomorow!!!!

14 Nov 2009 Mounted the counterweights  2x 100Kg 
Very bad weather whole day, temp around 3 deg and rain.

But it`s a nice view!!!!!!

My wife Karin toked this photo when i was up in the skylift.

15 nov 2009   My son Erik (SM4YEX)  helps me with the feed tube.

We where lucky no rain today.

Still much work to do!!!!!!!
18 Nov 2009   Some more pictures of the feed stucture.

21 Nov 2009    Have you seen the UFO?   No it`s SM4IVE Dish with
Xmas lights.

22 Nov 2009   the 432 feed and construction are in place. Hard work
Rain and wind whole day.......... one must be crazzy :-))

28 Nov 2009  The system are now up and running. Thanks to Kjell SM7GVF that come to my rescue.He brought a whole lot of cable that i bought from SM7 area.We worked from noon at freday and the whole saturday until dark.Here you can see Kjell in the operating pos.

Working DL7APV on CW of course.

Thanks to every one that have helped me during this 2 year project.

Cu all on EME 432 & UP

Today 14 January 2012 we did repair the dish structure.

We had a severe storm on 26Dec 2011 (Dagmar) that made some damage to the dish.
I found out that this would be the best solution to reinforce the ribs.So i contacted a prowelder.
We had good weather but -2 deg and windy so it was cold.